Initiation of Light


  1. Harness your Super Powers: They are the secret formula to achieving your Personal Mission in Life fueled by your own Natural Abilities, Authentic Desire & Pure Joy!

  1. Work with your Internal Compass:  Discover the signposts of your Life’s True Purpose and get clear about how you sabotage your own success. YOU will learn how to follow your Bliss and direct your Passion, Energy & Courage to Accelerate your Personal Evolution!

  1. Live Life on Purpose: It is on this Journey that you will gain a deeper understanding of your Purpose and cultivate the Power, Tools & Knowledge to fulfill it, living a life that is Richly Rewarding.

  1. Expand your capacity to Shine, Inside & Out: Your body will be infused with pure Light so that you can Radiate & Inspire Joy, Hope & Peace all around you. Heightening your vibration supports your Immune System and keeps you Healthier & Stronger!

  1. Experience True & Lasting Abundance: Realize your own Worth and that all the resources you could ever need are available to you right here, right now! Accessing this flow will provide you with everything you desire in life & more! Connect to Powerful & Beneficial relationships that will network success right into your life, no matter what that is for you!

The consciousness of our Society is moving swiftly through it’s growth and pruning. We are in a time when navigating these new thoughts, feelings and experiences is exciting AND unfamiliar...

Imbedded in your very DNA is the instruction manual for these changes and more. The guidelines for unwinding your Direction and unlocking your own unique Super Powers!

This highly effective physical Initiation is a powerful step on a journey of Self-Mastery and Service. What you will receive in this program is a collection of ancient and empowering teachings, a set of potent and practical tools and access to community and all the collective power that comes through it’s lineage that traces it’s roots back more than 3,000 years!

With it you will unlock your ability to...

The time is now, for you to become the Hero of your own Adventure! It is through our own

Self-Empowerment and Healing that we begin to empower and heal the whole.

We hold faith in a brighter tomorrow, seeing Harmony, Abundance and Peace for

all inhabitants of this beautiful planet that we live on.

If you feel called to receive this Initiation, you will be joining the ranks of

the many powerful community leaders that have walked this path before us, such as:

Siddharta the Buddha, Jesus the Christ, Krishna, Leonardo DaVinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Rudolph Steiner, Aristotle, Socrates, Nicola Tesla, Karl Jung, John Lennon and many many more!

This is a Full Weekend Program

Saturday 11 am ~ 7 pm

Sunday 11 am ~ 7 pm

Personal Investment $300 - $500

We offer a sliding scale so that anyone called to this program can attend. Alternative Energy Exchanges are also available.