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Kabbalah is the study of the Tree of Life, a Treasure Map of the Body, Mind & Spirit and, indeed the blueprint of all Creation. In this ten month program you will discover the Fruits of the Tree of Life and reveal how they are integrated into your live not only for your growth, but also your pruning. You will gain the power, tools and know-how to THRIVE in all areas of life!

What makes this Program Unique?

  1. Ascensions - This highly experiential journey is so much more than intellectual, vibrational shifts will occur that allow you the opportunity to recreate yourself from within your very DNA!

  2. Accelerated Self-Awareness - Gain the clarity to recognize not only your strengths & weaknesses, but also the blindspots that can sabotage your personal success and fulfillment.

  3. Deepen Relationships - Discover how to experience richer, more fulfilling relationships in all aspects of your life. Self, Spirit, Intimate, Family, Friends, Career, Money, Home, Food, etc.

  4. Experience Healing - With the support of the Tree, the Teachers and the Community, you will experience deep and lasting healing.

  5. Walk the Talk - Becoming a Kabbalist, means that you have integrated a system that will forever be a part of who you are and how you navigate  and show up in the world.

  6. Illumination - Reset your foundation to view life from a higher, more evolved perspective.

  7. Become a Conscious Creator - Learn tools for manifestation that are Foundational and Universal so that you will become an efficient, effective and powerful manifesting machine!

  8. Learn Authentic Tools of Power - Carrying the Authority of an unbroken lineage dating back over 3,000 - your teachers will share with you a system used by untold numbers to step onto a path of Self-Mastery.

  9. What Tricia’s Students are Saying:

  10. “Anyone looking to study with a teacher who has the caring, integrity, honor, and grace necessary to guide and instruct those who wish to learn and grow, Tricia Radford is one of those few…… Her passion for Kabbalah is splendid, her knowledge is formidable.”

  11. Montgomery Mahaffey Author, Publisher

"I've received invaluable tools that have strengthened my spiritual foundation and empowered me to transmute energies that have held me back for years.”  Bibi McGill Musician

Kabbalah is a practical and comprehensive system designed to help us have a greater understanding of ourselves, the world around us and of the Cosmos. Universal in nature, it is free from religious dogma and is a pure source of personal cultivation.

The word Kabbalah means “to receive” or “that which is received”. In order for this to happen, you must first become receptive and open. How do you do this? Well, you get curious… you ask questions. By asking questions, an opening is created that longs to be filled.

Kabbalah teaches that you already have all the answers within. By asking the right questions, you gain access to a hidden wellspring of knowledge that will not only answer the yearnings of your soul, but will also totally change your view of reality. By delving into yourself in this way you not only discover who you are, but also, who you are not! So you can regain control of your mind and create the life you want to experience!

Personal Alchemy

Kabbalah Immersion Program

10-Month Tree of Life Ascension Series

The Journey Begins June 24 & 25, 2019

Mark your Calendar!

Start Date: June 24th & 25th, 2019

Personal Investment: $2000 - $2500 (sliding scale)

Space is Limited. Make a deposit of $300 to hold your spot today!

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